About Us
        The crystal light and enterprise is a diversified enterprises, established in 2001, is the more light work under zhejiang art Co., LTD, zhejiang more light jewelry Co., LTD, the shaoxing the Yang import and export Co., LTD, Hong Kong international built strong investment and trade Co., LTD. The company is located in shaoxing city, the crystal light filled with river industrial zone, the industrial park area with an area of 28000 square meters, more than 500 employees, including technical personnel, professional management staff account for 20% of the total number of member work, have a high comprehensive quality and combat effectiveness of the enterprise team.

        Zhejiang more light jewelry Co., LTD is mainly engaged in production and trade, to act the role of tasted products have alloy, copper silver, claw chains, resin in four series, hairpin, brooch, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, sets of chains, and other DuoGe ten varieties, more than 20 models.

        The shaoxing Yang import and export Co., LTD is mainly engaged in textile trade, the products exported to Europe, America and Middle East And southeast Asia.

        The crystal light filled the developing history of the enterprise is called the legend of the industry, DuoNian, chairman MaJianJiang born in first, under the leadership of the through 8 years of wind and rain reform process, from the family of several small development become today day in zhejiang province, a famous industry medium privately operated enterprise. The product sells times to southeast Asia, Europe and America and other countries and various local area and is DuoCi rated "excellent decoration industry well-known enterprise" and "in treasure association fashion jewelry points will be vice President", "zhejiang saves jewelry industry association executive vice-president unit", "shaoxing yiwu chamber of commerce vice-chairman unit" honorary title.

         “"Unity, hard work, pragmatic, innovation" is the spirit of enterprise, the light in the future, the more light on the domestic enterprise will be increasing, new product development and management innovation, investment in steady steps towards the scale and international development road, become a outstanding private enterprises.